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MABRY FARM APIARY offers local raw Wildflower honey most of the year. We have raw Wildflower honey produced by another beekeeper in N Florida all the year

Many of our customers use the Wildflower
honey as a daily preventative measure to
reduce the symptoms of airborne allergies.
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Mabry Centennial Family Farm
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     Favorite Honey of North                        Georgia

This is the pride of North Georgia Honeys and the primary summer honey plant of the South. Sourwood is a tree that grows in the mountains of North Georgia. Its bloom produces nectar, which becomes (with the bees help) a light amber honey with a smooth and mild flavor.

The tulip poplar tree grows from Maine to Florida and produces an easily recognized Spring Honey with a flavor similar to sorghum flavor. It is red with a bold and candy like flavor. The bees often gather Blackberry, Clover and other nectars at the same time, which caused the flavor to vary.

BENEFITS OF LOCAL RAW                       HONEY

Sugar supplement                                                            Colds
Asthma                                                                              Allergies
Does not sugar hype                                                        Heartburn

Builds the immune system                                       
Better sleep                                                                  Sore throat  Antibiotic

Provides energy                                                       Treats burns

Fall Sourwood
Springtime Honeybees
Springtime Sourwood
Springtime Wildflower
Sourwood Honey got its name from the sweet smelling, white blossoms of the Sourwood tree, which grows in the Appalachian Mountains. The Sourwood tree was named as such by the settlers because the leaves of this tree have a sour taste when eaten, which protects it from plant eating animals. However, Sourwood honey in not sour. Most Sourwood honey is light in color and sometimes has a lavender tint. It does not crystallize as quick as other honeys. Different years yield slightly different flavors and colors. Sourwood honey is renowned worldwide as one of mother nature's best honeys
Wildflower Honey
When the first of April arrives, it brings the flowering season to Mabry Farm Apairy in North Georgia. Many types of trees and plants provide the nectar for our Wildflower honey and affect its dark and light amber color. North Georgia has tulip poplar, basswood, apple, peach and maple trees. Wild blackberries  clover, and rasberries. This is a great honey all around, as well as for your favorite recipes which use honey.